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BAW Mini truck EV is a subversive product, carefully crafted from hardware to system to service.

Its goal is to meet the needs of fixed routes, turnover, and light-load distribution, especially for community grid distribution with relatively short delivery distances.

At the same time, it has the characteristics of convenient charging and right of way advantages. The appearance is stylish and has a sense of power.

It has a MINI body, steering stable under high speed, light under low speed, flexible and convenient. Whether in carrying capacity, safety, comfort or driving speed, it’s far superior comparing to traditional short-distance transportation facilities.

  • Low transportation cost and convenient charging, suitable for various transportation scenarios such as express delivery, logistics, sanitation, clearing, refrigeration, fire protection, etc
  • Easy to carry goods, the volume of the van can reach 3.6m3, really large space for a mini truck
  • The cruising range is 140 kilometers. All series are equipped with braking power energy recovery system as standard
  • High-quality lithium iron phosphate power battery, with IP67 dustproof and waterproof grade, high safety and long service life
  • 30kW max power motor, after special calibration, has larger torque and enough power
  • Standard with ABS anti-lock braking system adopts a high-strength steel body frame, which has accumulated more than 1 million kilometers of road tests and extreme cold and high temperature tests to ensure vehicle secure and reliable
Mini Truck


Model typeHLD1020PIB2IBEV
Body structure2 doors and 2 seats
Dimension (mm)3555/3820*1480*1705
Cargo box size (mm)1750/2015*1400*320/1200
Wheelbase (mm)2200/2450
Front/rear trackbase (mm)1290/1290
Ground clearance (mm)144
Curb weight (kg)880
Payload capacity (kg)540
Suspension frontMcPherson independent
Suspension rearLeaf Spring
Drive typeRear drive
Brake typeDisc/Drum
Tire type145R12 LT 6PR
Battery typeLithium iron phosphate battery (BMS)
Battery capacity (kWh)12.31/15.12
Max speed (km/h)70
Climbing ability≥20%
Range (km)80/140
Motor typePMS
Max Torque (N m)130
Rated power/Max power (kW)15/30

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Mini Truck